We are looking for

talented developers to join our team, both for full-time and contractor positions. We are flexible with work arrangements.

We are looking for developers to work on the following components ( multiple skillsets are beneficial but we don’t expect you to be an expert in everything )

  • - Backend:

    Python FastAPI or Flask, SQLAlchemy

  • - Frontend:

    Purely web, currently ReactJS

  • - Smart contract:


  • - Frontend Blockchain:


  • - DevOps:

    Linux, DigitalOcean

We do not require that you understand any particular number of these technologies to join our team. Rather, we are looking for team members who are:

  • Keen to learn new technologies & skillsets

  • Motivated to creatively solve problems

  • Willing to step outside their comfort zone

This is a rapidly growing project. If you join our team, you will have a significant impact on the trajectory of the product and company. We are all highly passionate about what we do, and we hope you share our passion.